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Planet Washington: Musical Political Comedy …………………………….. Almost Famous Since 2006

Planet Washington presents Every Day is April Fool’s in Washington, their latest gut-busting, politician-skewering show. It’s an evening of witty, topical and musical social satire, performed by former Hill staffer and Capitol Steps performer Ken Rynne and keyboard sidekick Frank Plumer.

The show features musical political comedy in the tradition of the Capitol Steps and Mark Russell, but also featuring audience participation, improv and family-friendly fun. Russell is already a fan. And after watching Planet Washington, you’re bound to be too.

“Great show! Potent! Pithy! Funny! And you have a better piano player than I do!”Mark Russell

“If laughter is the best medicine, Ken Rynne is a one-man Mayo Clinic!” –PBS NewsHour

“If you think that inside the Beltway sometimes is a planet unto itself, this show is for you.” –Boston Globe

Fun & Funny! He’s been funny since he was a kid growing up in Boston! - Bob Madigan, WTOP
Today, He’s Mark Russell on Steroids!
An Irish Tenor Jon Stewart.

What’s so funny about Washington, DC? If you have to ask, you haven’t been paying attention! But they have!

Ken Rynne is a writer and singer who came to DC from Boston and never left (they call it “Potomac fever”). He studied American government in college, had an internship through Speaker of the House Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill’s office, and went on to law school. He studies policy like normal people study baseball box scores.

After studying government in theory and then actually experiencing it in practice working for Congress, moonlighting with The Capitol Steps, Ken had an overwhelming need to tell what he saw from a staff’s eye view – like the fellow with the broom who follows the elephants in the circus – and set it to music like his mentor and friend Mark Russell.

Frank Plumer is a gifted pianist and music teacher. He has a life. Like most Americans he thinks about politics about 20 minutes a year – and resents the intrusion. Frank is the “control group” in our little experiment here in the laboratory of democracy.

Planet Washington believes laughter is the best medicine and we need our Rx refilled on a daily basis. Even the lawyers. Especially the lawyers. Be fair &/or balanced. Roast but never burn. Never serve red wine with fish. Keep it clean. Funniest ex-lawyer & Capitol Hill wonk Ken Rynne & pianist Frank Plumer spoof politics, pop culture, & all that passes for “news” in Washington, a planet unto itself, & beyond.

Call us – we’ll perform for you – wherever 2 or 3 are gathered – with cash.
Or, Our Next Scheduled DC Public Show:

Sat, Jul 13 @ 7:30pm

*** Arch Campbell will attend and review us at this upcoming show! He may interview you. Be nice! ***

The Westin Washington, D.C. City Center
2d Floor Fireplace Room
1400 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20005