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5.8 Earthquake Rocks DC

A rare East Coast earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale rocked DC today.  There was minimal damage except that oddly, the RNC Headquarters now leans left.

In related news, it was determined that the epicenter of the quake was 8o miles southweat of the Capital in central Virginia – identified as the Spottsylvania fault.  However, Rep. Michele Bachmann was quick to identify the cause as Obama’s fault.

One experienced Californian sniffed that a 5.8 quake gives off less vibration than his cell phone.  It was not clear at press time whether Washington, DC would be declared a disaster  – redundant.

Some Democrats saw the glass as half-full and immediately called for another  Stimulus package funded by a new earthquake tax.  Only in Washington.

This being 21st Century America, a new 12-step support group was formed, ESA, Earthquake Survivors Anonymous, for survivors and others with post-trauma issues.

Aide from Japan is expected imminently.

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Today Show’s John Palmer Interviews Ken Rynne

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John Palmer is now host of The Informed Citizen on AARP’s Retirement Living TV (RLTV).