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Upcoming Shows

WHAT A WEEK “for me to poop on” – To Quote A Distinguished Colleague, Triumph the Late Night Comic Insult Dog.

Laughter – and Music – NOW More Than Ever!!!
Saturday night at The Westin “Planet Washington” takes on NRA Registration (Required Before Buying a Senator), the media (“Breaking News Means ‘BE AFRAID'”), and exploding fertilizer plants (CNN)…to name a few.

It was a week of bravery, resilience, and a community uniting — but we’ll be covering what you saw on the news.

LAST SHO BEFORE HBO. www.planetwashington.com
When news breaks, we fix it.

Planet Washington Monthly Live Show!
Saturday, April 20, 7:30 pm.
The 2d Floor Fireplace Room
The Westin
1400 M St NW DC 20005
$20 at the door/in advance

Funny Stuff Parody Upcoming Shows

Obama Wines & Dines GOP Senators (But will he get lucky?) Vietnam POW McCain Defends Jane Fonda! Can You Feel The LOvE ?

(Planet Washington) – When News Breaks, We Fix It. The President has launched a charm offensive with the help of McCain Amigo Lindsay Graham taking no fewer than 11 GOP Senators to dinner at DC’s posh Jefferson Hotel. Will POTUS score? On the first date – unlikely.

Meanwhile, as Rand Paul did his best Jimmy Stewart imitation filibustering the CIA Director’s nomination on the Senate floor for over 10 hours, he invoked the image of Vietnam war protestor and bete noir of Vietnam vets Jane Fonda — which brought none other than uber vet and POW John McCain to the floor TO DEFEND FONDA! It’s Madness! March Madness!

Will All This LOvE Change Gotham, er, Washington?

Saturday night, Planet Washington celebrates this madness with a special parody of — Can You Feel The LOvE Tonight? Planet Washington with Ken Rynne Live! The Westin, 1400 M St NW DC 20005 (2d Floor Fireplace Lounge). Ninety minutes of fun, wicked funny parodies, music, and more. $20

Funny Stuff Healing with Humor Parody

We’ll Have Sequestration for Christmas this Year

SEQUESTRATION? It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like……Congress! (a Holiday Parody by Ken Rynne)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Congress / Ev’rywhere you go.
Take a look at the budget tiff / approaching the fiscal cliff /
With revenue & tax cuts all aglow.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Congress /Domestic cuts in store
But the prettiest sight to see /is the tax cut that will be /
On your own front door.

A pair of hop-along boots /& a pistol that shoots
Is the wish of Generals and friends /
Dolls that won’t talk but will go for a walk /
Is the hope of Petraes’ men /
And Grover Norquist pledges not to start that pledge again.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Congress / Ev’rywhere you go; /
The White House has got a tree / The Capitol now has three /
for Democrats Republicans, and Tea (party)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Congress/ a deal will soon be near
But the thing that will make us sing / is the silliness they’ll bring /
as they do each year!

But the thing that will make us sing / is the silliness they’ll bring /
as they do each year!

Merry Congress & Happy Sequestration Everyone from Planet Washington!

College Tour Healing with Humor Parody Videos

How YOUR NEWS Is Made & Our First Term Obama Medley “Barack Obama Superstar”

…..Professor Ken Rynne of Planet Washington explains to a live audience “How Your News Is Made.” Three flavors: PBS SnoozeHour, MSDNC, and FAUX NEWS.
If it leads…it bleeds. “Breaking News” means BE AFRAID!!! And more lessons from years misspent on the Hill.   Also – our first term Obama tribute.

Live comedy performance.

Funny Stuff Parody Think Piece

Apart from Workplace Safety, the 8-Hour Work Day, Minimum Wage, Vacation & Health Benefits, What Has The Union Ever Done For Us?


The Wisconsin Governor Walker’s now unmasked conspiracy with Billionaire David Koch et al to reject public employees’ concessions and destroy their union itself makes my shanty Irish blood boil.

My father was a member of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association and when he made Sergeant, Boston Police Superior Officers’ Association. His unions helped my family share in the American Dream and sent me to college – and law school – with a scholarship.

What Have The Unions Ever Done For Us? It reminds me of a classic Monty Python skit What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us? My little parody is dedicated to the public employees who teach our kids, staff our hospitals, maintain our streets, and keep us safe. Thank you!

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) as Pilate
Billionaire David Koch as Bigus Dickus

Bigus Dickus Koch: They’ve bled us white, the bastards. They’ve taken everything we had, our freedom, not just from us, from our fathers and from our fathers’ fathers.
Gov. Scotty: And from our fathers’ fathers’ fathers.
Bigus Koch: :Yes.
Gov. Scotty:: And from our fathers’ fathers’ fathers’ fathers.
Bigus Koch: All right, Scotty. Don’t ‘labor’ the point. And what have they ever given us in return?
Aide: Child Labor Laws.
Bigus Koch: Oh yeah, yeah they gave us that. Yeah. That’s true.
Activist: And the 8-hour work day!
Scotty:: Oh yes… The 8-hour work day, Bigus, you remember what the city used to be like.
Bigus Koch:: All right, I’ll grant you that Child Labor Laws and the 8-Hour Work Day are two things that the Unions have done…
Aide: And Workplace Safety…

Bigus: (sharply) Well yes obviously the Workplace Safety… Workplace Safety goes without saying. But apart from Child Labor Laws, the 8-Hour Work Day, and Workplace Safety…
Another Activist: Paid Vacation…
Other Voices: The Minimum Wage…Health Benefits…Educational loans…Maternity/Family Medical Leave…Social Security…Medicare..the GI Bill….
Bigus: Yes… all right, fair enough…
Activist Near Front: And Civil Rights…
Omnes: Oh yes! True!
Scotty: Yeah. That’s something we’d really miss if the Unions left, Bigus..
Activist at Back: Disability pay!
Aide:: And it’s safe to walk in the streets at night now.
Gov Scotty: Yes, our public employees certainly know how to keep order… (general nodding)… let’s face it, they’re the only ones who could in a place like this.

(more general murmurs of agreement)
Bigus Koch: All right… all right… but apart from Child Labor Laws, the 8-Hour Work Day, Workplace Safety, Paid Vacations, The Minimum Wage, Health Benefits, Educational loans, Maternity/Family Medical Leave, the GI Bill, Social Security, Medicare, Civil Rights, Disability Pay, and public order… what have the Unions done for us?

Ed Schultz: Created a Middle Class.

Small Voice: …when the rest of the world suffered revolution, communism, or socialism…

Bigus: (very angry, he’s not having a good meeting at all)
What!? Oh…(scornfully) a Middle Class, yes… shut up!


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
– George Santayana, Boston Latin School Class of 1878
Those who cannot remember the past…make up a solid majority.
-Ken Rynne, Class of ’74

Ken Rynne
when news breaks, we fix it

wicked musical political satire
almost famous since 2006

Funny Stuff Parody Think Piece

There’s Snow Business Like Slow Business!

A 2″ snowfall paralyzes the nation’s capital city : For some, it’s another reason to just say “slow.”

Let it Snow

Oh the Democrats’ time is dwindling,
And their bills we’ll use as kindling,
Legislation we’ll take real slow,
Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

Bush Tax Breaks They’ve Failed at Stopping,
And their START vote will be flopping.
Filibuster Don’t Ask, I know,
Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.

When we finally do adjourn,
For a two-week Christmas at home,
Harry Reid says he might call us back,
But he’ll find out I’ve turned off my phone!

The Democratic fire’s slowly dying,
And it’s time for their good-bying,
But as long as we just say “no!”
Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

[If Senate Democrats learn to say “no”
Oh no, Oh no, Oh no!]

Congressman Bud Noir Upcoming Shows

Hexagon Foundation, Planet Washington’s Ken Rynne To Roast Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC)

The Friends of Hexagon Foundation’s Darrell Capwell announces that Planet Washington’s Ken Rynne will join in The Foundation’s “Roast & Toast” of DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton on October 22, 2010 at the US Navy Memorial in DC.

For the occasion, Ken will reprise his role as “Bud Noir, Member of Congress,” Washington, DC’s answer to Garrison Keillor & Minnesota Public Radio’s Guy Noir, Private Eye. In the past, “Bud” has sparred on stage with New York Times Columnist “Maureen Dowd” and former Governor “Sarah Palin.”

We look forward to Ken’s “tribute” to DC’s legendary delegate, Ms. Norton, a staunch Hexagon supporter, a frequent “Newsbreak” guest, who is painfully shy so Ken will ask her to open up for once to see if she has an opinion about the issue of “DC Statehood.”

College Tour

American University: “Let the Eagles Soar!’ – John Ashcroft

Students, professors, and administrators from American University have joined Planet Washington for some good fun at our cabaret and we feel a part the expanding AU family up on Ward Circle in DC – the most politically active student body in the country!  We especially love American’s School of Public Affairs. As humorists, we believe that all affairs should be public affairs!   We are proud to add our Planet to the other 144 nations represented on American’s campus!

College Tour Healing with Humor Videos

The Cambridge Forum “Bringing people together to talk again.” JK Rowling, Ralph Nader, and Planet Washington!

Laughs with Planet Washington

September 23, 2009

Ken Rynne Planet Washington

Frank Plumer pianist, Planet Washington

The comedy duo Planet Washington opens Cambridge Forum’s 2009 fall season with a benefit performance. Ken Rynne, an alum of the renowned Capitol Steps troupe, and his faithful piano accompanist, Frank Plumer, are Planet Washington. Together they provide an evening of music, song, and comedy improv that cuts through the rhetoric and gets to the laughter. If you sometimes think that “Inside the Beltway” seems like another planet, this show is for you!

Presented by WGBH & The Cambridge Forum – where people can come together to talk – as part of its Keep It Civil Series.

Funny Stuff

Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson “Fair Game” for Planet Washington

Planet Washington’s Ken Rynne penned PW’s take on the Plame, Wilson, Scooter story during the debate over “the 16 words” before the Scooter Libby trial. With the roll out at Cannes of their story as a feature film, “Fair Game,” time to roll out “Do You Hear Who I Smeared” (vocals: Ken Rynne and Judy Hittman; piano: Vince Evans) and celebrate with a nice yellow cake if Joe can find any … this time. Enjoy.