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Goodnight, Farewell, Get Out! From Planet Washington

LIVE PERFORMANCE!!! Planet Wshington’s Ken Rynne does it again! A wicked funny parody of Mel Brooks’ final song from the film The Producers! The former Hill aode and lawyer ‘splains DC with mirthful music and wicked funny parodies. Beat’s workin.

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Learning From The Greats: Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks

At last week’s Conversation with Carl Reiner at tha Paley Center in LA, Mel Brooks dropped by and the ‘2000 Year Old Man’ team told us writers and actors to take anything, any job to hone our craft and – don’t quit!  A great GEMA (Georgetown Entertainment & Media Alliance) event! Thanks for all the laughs – and the sage advice boys!   What have the Romans ever done for us?