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WTOP’s Bob Madigan: Sometimes Washington Seems Like Another Planet

Bob Madigan, WTOP’s Man About Town dropped in to PLANET WASHINGTOPN’s show Saturday Night and liked what he heard! His great report aired 3/10/13, and is on WTOP’s web site and is attached here. WTOP Bob Madigan’s Report

Ken is just as funny as he was growing up in Boston – wicked funny!”

Rave Reviews

"Ken’s genius is evident" – R.J. McCooey, 1789 Restaurant / The Tombs

“Ken’s genius is evident when he is doing what he was born to do: performing the parody songs he has written purely for your enjoyment.

It is always a pleasure for me to experience Ken’s relevant and intelligent entertainment.”

Richard McCooey, Chairman & CEO, Persona, Inc., founder of the 1789 Restaurant & The Tombs Restaurant, consultant, Clyde’s Restaurant Group.

Rave Reviews

Reagan alumni give us thumbs up!

“Very funny! And everybody had a great time!”
Joseph Ryan, Fmr. Deputy Director of Personnel,
The White House
under President Ronald Reagan

Audience Reactions Rave Reviews

“Edgy, Up to the Minute, Fun” – M.J. Aherne

“Ken is a clever satirist and his Planet Washington show is always edgy, up to the minute, and fun to watch. Don’t miss his shows! You won’t be disappointed.”

Marellen Aherne, President, M.J. Aherne & Associates, LLC

Rave Reviews

"Funny…Insider’s Experience" – Business Owner

“Ken can take headlines of today and turn them into a funny dialogue that keeps you laughing. He has the Washington insider’s experience to pick up on the political chatter that matters. His shows are well timed.”

Rindy O’Brien, Owner, The O’Brien Group

Audience Reactions Rave Reviews

“Brightens any Meeting with Laughter” – Association CEO

“Ken is a very bright, clever and talented entertainer who puts smiles on people’s faces…I have seen it first hand. He has a gift for political satire and he is very good a sharing it with others. I highly recommend Ken to brighten any meeting with laughter.”

Susan Kudla Finn, PMP
President and CEO
Alzheimer’s Association®
National Capital Area Chapter

Audience Reactions Rave Reviews

“Laughing week after week!” – Intercontinental Hotel’s Del Ross

“Ken is clever, creative, and musically talented. A natural showman, he knows how to weave current political and societal news into a music & drama storyline that keeps an audience captivated and laughing week after week…” Del Ross, InterContinental Hotels Group, Georgia

Rave Reviews

"Planet Washington: More entertaining. Truthier, too.” – Congressional Candidate

Ken’s inventiveness and musical ability make Planet Washington a lot more entertaining than the city that goes by the same name. Truthier, too.”

Mark Grannis, Partner, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP
(and Libertarian Candidate for Congress – MD)

Audience Reactions Rave Reviews

“Over the Top…” – DC Professional Tour Guide

“Ken’s performance is over the top. You will enjoy him over and over again. I have seen Planet Washington about 5 times and keep on going back for more. I recommend Ken Rynne’s artistic talent without reserve.”
Maricar Donato, Owner, WashingTours & Events

Rave Reviews

'Very Talented' – Disney's Jeff Civillico

“Ken is a very talented performer.. a great writer with an extremely creative mind.” Jeff Civillico, Disney Entertainer, Florida