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Remember Who You Are! Planet Washington explores lies, darn lies, and campaign promises in “Circle of Lies”

Hear it live, Saturday @ The Westin.
Hakuna Matata!

Congressman Bud Noir Parodies Radio

Garrison Keillor (Guy Noir, Private Eye) Meets Ken Rynne (Bud Noir, Member of Congress)

Planet Washington’s Ken Rynne (Bud Noir, Member of Congress) and A Prairie Home Companion’s Garrison Keillor (Guy Noir, Private Eye), no relation, met and swapped stories in a Noir Summit Saturday at a sold-out performance at Wolftrap. A peak experience for A Prairie Home Companion fan!!!

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WEBR Radio Interview Link: Laugh with Red Zone Politics 5/5/10

NOW POSTED to www.redzonepolitics.comLAUGH with RZP!

May 5, 2010: Your most entertaining show yet, with comedian, politico, “recovering” lawyer


(In advance of his live show at McGinty’s Public House in Arlington, VA!)

News Topix:

  • Underdog Canadiens advance over Caps in Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • Boxing, national and local
  • Men, women and campus violence: What Americans need to think about in aftermath of UVA lacrosse player’s death
  • SPILL, BABY, SPILL: BP Inferno!
  • Immigration Politics: Shared responsibility?
  • Let’s hear it for the MESSENGER: T-shirt selling Vietnam Vet alerts NYC police to Times Square truck-bomb in embryo

Feel free to send comments to I will try to address some of your feedback on next week’s show. *If you are interested in being a guest, let me know via email. Or invite others you think would be a good fit for the show to contact me!

Parodies Radio Rave Reviews

WEBR Radio Interview: Red Zone Politics, Who's Your Daddy? 5/26/10

The LAST RZP radio show for the summer is now posted at
He’s Baaack! That’s former politico turned political comedian, fountain of knowledge and irreverence himself: KEN RYNNE of Planet Washington!
In our May 26 segment, host A.F. Cook and Rynne ponder the following burning issues du jour:
- Which former sports/political figure was “one fry short of a Happy Meal?”
- Who is Sarah Palin counseling to “go rogue” now?
- How many questions can YOU answer on the Arizona Immigration Quiz?
- Who is BIG OIL’s Daddy?
- Where will Super Bowl 2014 be held and why does it matter if you’re – for example – a Carolina Panther?
- What is Venus wearing now, and why is she wearing it in FRANCE?
STAY TUNED FOR the Red Zone Politics Cable TV Special (four segments) coming Summer and Fall 2010: Airing TBA by Fairfax Public Access Cable! Our first big topic with PLANET WASHINGTON’S Ken Rynne: : How to spot political rhetoric and know what the agenda is behind it!