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Our debt to Bill Shakespeare.

Captain of our fairy band,
Helena is here at hand,
And the youth, mistook by me,
Pleading for a lover’s fee.
Shall we their fond pageant see?
Lord, what fools these mortals be!
Whether to their names they affix an R or a D (or a T-Par-ty), yo!
Midsummer Nights Scream Act 3, scene 2, 110–116 (draft)

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How YOUR NEWS Is Made & Our First Term Obama Medley “Barack Obama Superstar”

…..Professor Ken Rynne of Planet Washington explains to a live audience “How Your News Is Made.” Three flavors: PBS SnoozeHour, MSDNC, and FAUX NEWS.
If it leads…it bleeds. “Breaking News” means BE AFRAID!!! And more lessons from years misspent on the Hill.   Also – our first term Obama tribute.

Live comedy performance.

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Planet Washington’s Ken Rynne was published Feb 11 in the leading South African humour magazine (even the spelling is funny!) SAX APPEAL. ‘SA’ as in South Africa.  X as in ‘X.'(Think The Onion but with Mandela on the side).

I enjoyed meeting students from the University of Cape Town last summer one of whom invited me to contribute to her epic publication.

The story, a SAX APPEAL EXCLUSIVE, explains that Republicans in the US typically get into money scandals and Democrats get into sex scandals. A well managed scandal can change the subject (from, say, unemployment, traditionally a downer) and actually give their ratings – among other things – a boost.  If it doesn’t kill their careers totally (McGreevy, Craig) or get them their own cable tv show (Spitzer) or a run for higher office (Gingrich).  

President Obama’s clean image just isn’t helping him much.  What he needs is a good olde fashioned scandal!  But as one who ran on a theme of ‘change’ and has governed as a centrist, will he pick the right scandal?  Goldman Sachs only knows!

The answer – and the story – will be recounted on the Planet Washington web site in the coming days.  Watch this space – or order a copy of your own:  Hakuna matata!

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“With your wit and wisdom, you have it all!” – South African Ambassador Hon. Ebrahim Rasool

Planet Washington’s Ken Rynne was invited to speak with students in Cape Town after a very exciting dialogue with South African university students in Washington, DC for the summer.  The exchange took place at the South African Ambassador Hon. Ebrahim Rasool’s residence as part of a Youth Day June 16 event.  Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Mr Marius Fransman gave the keynote address and students from SA and US addressed issues of economic freedom and skills development.  Ken Rynne participated in a young professionals panel discussion and vowed to speak at any panel that considered him ‘young.’  Ambassador Rasool expressed appreciation for Ken’s historical perspective and wit.  The evening concluded with an extraordinary braai (BBQ).  Details on Mr. Rynne’s itinerary will be posted as they become available.

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American University: “Let the Eagles Soar!’ – John Ashcroft

Students, professors, and administrators from American University have joined Planet Washington for some good fun at our cabaret and we feel a part the expanding AU family up on Ward Circle in DC – the most politically active student body in the country!  We especially love American’s School of Public Affairs. As humorists, we believe that all affairs should be public affairs!   We are proud to add our Planet to the other 144 nations represented on American’s campus!

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College Tour: Following W from Yale to Y’all

Good fun, good music, and a great time in New Haven.  No confirmed Whiffenpoof sitings were logged, so we dared to sing our Planet Washington parody ” from the table down at Mory’s” — “we are poor neocons who have lost our way, blah, blah, blah…”   We then headed to Boston, then to Texas, like a great Yale alum, traveling from Yale to Y’all.

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The Cambridge Forum “Bringing people together to talk again.” JK Rowling, Ralph Nader, and Planet Washington!

Laughs with Planet Washington

September 23, 2009

Ken Rynne Planet Washington

Frank Plumer pianist, Planet Washington

The comedy duo Planet Washington opens Cambridge Forum’s 2009 fall season with a benefit performance. Ken Rynne, an alum of the renowned Capitol Steps troupe, and his faithful piano accompanist, Frank Plumer, are Planet Washington. Together they provide an evening of music, song, and comedy improv that cuts through the rhetoric and gets to the laughter. If you sometimes think that “Inside the Beltway” seems like another planet, this show is for you!

Presented by WGBH & The Cambridge Forum – where people can come together to talk – as part of its Keep It Civil Series.