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Support The Cocktail Party Ken Rynne’s PLANET WASHINGTON @ National Press Club (Open to the Public)

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2016, 7:30 PM.

Planet Washington. When news breaks, we fix it.
Our NATIONAL PRESS CLUB, Washington, DC, Election-Eve Take on The Most Bizarre Race of Our Lives So Far.



Frank, Ken, & Rachel prform!                                    Mr & Mrs Not Part of the Show             Where we Perform

If you think life inside the Capital Beltway is like being on a different planet, this show is for you. – The Boston Globe

We Entertain, Explain, & Defang Washington, the Media – and more. With Laughter, Song & Truthy Inside Stories!
Former aide to Senate leadership, lobbyist, Boston Irish tenor, Ken Rynne writes lyrics that make the insanely silly behavior in DC and beyond even funnier! It’s a bi-partisan skewering. Ken is aided and abetted in this conspiracy of mirth by a virtuoso piano accompanist Frank Plumer and our featured torch singer, Rachel Panay Raziel, if the fire marshall allows.

“If laughter is still the best medicine then Ken Rynne is a one-man Mayo Clinic!” – Mark Shields, PBS NewsHour
“Ken is a natural showman. He weaves current news into songs that have audiencs howling.” Del Ross, InterContinental Hotels
“Great Show! Potent! Pithy! Funny! And you have a better piano player than I do! ” – Mark Russell

Friday, November 4, 7:30 P.M. – 8:45 P.M.


Cash Bar During Show (Makes this election even funnier, if possible!)

Check out our web site:




Planet Washington’s Ken Rynne on Arch Campbell Show |

DC Funnyman Ken Rynne of PLANET WASHINGTON has fun with legendary arts critic Arch Campbell — Interview and Ask Arch (viewer mail) segments.
View video:
Arch Campbell Show 7-11-13 – Arch Campbell Show |


DC Scandal, Isn’t That Redundant?


A new guide to DC Scandals lists OUR OWN WESTIN HOTEL as site of Mayor for Life Marion Barry’s debut on the FBI’s reality show America’s Got Crack!
The Hotel was then known as The Vista Hotel – Now, The Westin. The room was and is No. 727. Although as Hizzonor explained “b@tch set me up,” the charges didn’t stick. Mr. Barry is currently City Councilman from Ward 8.

[As a Bostonian I understand this. My grandparents elected Mayor Curley to Congress – while a resident of Danbury Federal Prison. “He may be a crook – but he was OUR crook” as Grampa Keough explained].  Loyalty.


Last SHOW Before HBO? Planet Washington Live Shows Added! June 15 & July 13!

(Washington, DC) – Planet Washington announced its next monthly show at the WESTIN will be Saturday, JULY 13. Last SHOW Before HBO?

If DC sometimes seems like another planet, Planet Washington is explained in mirth and song by Ken Rynne, a “recovering” lobbyist, writer, political raconteur, singer and Frank Plumer, pianist and non-political “control group.” An Irish tenor Jon Stewart. Mark Russell on Steroids!

When News Breaks, We Fix It. Guests at recent shows enjoyed 90 minutes ‘fixing’ current and enduring affairs in Washington DC and beyond — discussing Scandals, real and imagined, Boston, CNN coverage of the same, fertilizer plants, Texas, Elvis pen pals, drones, the media, Starbucks, Republicrats, Democants, sex (clean and tastefully touched upon), rock and/or roll, lobbyists, The President, The Congress, Bo Obama, liberals, conservatives, Walmart, Metrorail, Rush Limbaugh, Kim Jung Un, DC Think Tanks and numerous entertaining ad libs and insights some of them true.

Planet Washington has entertained diverse and distinguished Washingtonians from the US Army, Daimler, Costco, and others including a PhD from US AID, a historian from Connecticut, a dynamo named Margo, a Tennis Pro, one or two consultants, a cultural blogger, a very beautiful and discerning art critic, professional baseball fans, and visitors from as far away as Pittsburgh, PA!!!

There was SNL. Then The Daily Show. Now

PLANET WASHINGTON they wrote modestly

Planet Washington is not affiliated with Home Box Office (HBO) at this time


WHAT A WEEK "for me to poop on" – To Quote A Distinguished Colleague, Triumph the Late Night Comic Insult Dog.

Saturday night at The Westin “Planet Washington” takes on NRA Registration (Required Before Buying a Senator), the media (“Breaking News Means ‘BE AFRAID'”), and exploding fertilizer plants (CNN)…to name a few.

It was a week of bravery, resilience, and a community uniting — but we’ll be covering what you saw on the news.


Planet Washington’s April 20 Show: "Every Day Is April Fools in DC!"

Come see what all the laughter and music is about.
April 20 at 7:30 pm.
At The Westin Washington DC City Center Hotel, 1400 M St NW 20005. In the 2d Floor Fireplace Lounge.

WTOP’s Man About Town Bob Madigan came to our March Show – Bob Madigan LOVES Planet Washington.

Appearances Parodies

Obama Wines & Dines GOP Senators (But will he get lucky?) Vietnam POW McCain Defends Jane Fonda! Can You Feel The LOvE ?

(Planet Washington) – When News Breaks, We Fix It. The President has launched a charm offensive with the help of McCain Amigo Lindsay Graham taking no fewer than 11 GOP Senators to dinner at DC’s posh Jefferson Hotel. Will POTUS score? On the first date – unlikely.

Meanwhile, as Rand Paul did his best Jimmy Stewart imitation filibustering the CIA Director’s nomination on the Senate floor for over 10 hours, he invoked the image of Vietnam war protestor and bete noir of Vietnam vets Jane Fonda — which brought none other than uber vet and POW John McCain to the floor TO DEFEND FONDA! It’s Madness! March Madness!

Will All This LOvE Change Gotham, er, Washington?

Saturday night, Planet Washington celebrates this madness with a special parody of — Can You Feel The LOvE Tonight?  The song from the Lyin’ King.


Political Satire in DC

Saturday March 9 7:30pm
The Westin 1400 M St NW 20004
2d floor fireplace lounge
$20 advance tickets: 202 360 5056

in the tradition of Mark Russell, Jon Stewart, and Justin Beiber


Mark Russell @ Planet Washington Show!

Audience members were tickled as Mark Russell took to the piano and did a 15 minute set during the February Planet Washington show at The Westin. He’s still the king! (It’s good to be the king!) Thanks Mark!

Our March show is March 9 at The Westin, 1400 M St NW DC.
You never know who might drop in.


* * * Last Show Before HBO * * * Ken Rynne, 'Planet Washington' * * *

Two live shows in our DC cabaret setting will be videotaped for later distribution! So smile. February 16 and Mar 9, 7:30-9:00 pm, The Westin 1400 M Street NW DC (2d floor Fireplace Room). $20

Tickets: 202 360 5056 Tom

Ninety minutes of fun story telling, musical parody, and great music from a Washington insider Ken Rynne and sidekick and piano accompanist Frank Plummer in an intimate cabaret setting.