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Eat, Drink, Laugh, Vote. Ken Rynne’s “Planet Washington” @ The National Press Club Open to the Public

Planet Washington. When news breaks, we fix it.
Our NATIONAL PRESS CLUB Election-Eve Take on The Most Bizarre Race of Our Lives So Far. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

13082575_10154825764127729_339657364303301023_nIf you think life inside the Capital Beltway is like being on a different planet, this show is for you. – The Boston Globe

We Entertain, Explain, & Defang Washington, the Media – and more. With Laughter, Song & Truthy Inside Stories!
Former aide to Senate leadership, lobbyist, Boston Irish tenor, Ken Rynne writes lyrics that make the insanely silly behavior in DC and beyond even funnier! It’s a bi-partisan skewering. Ken is aided and abetted in this conspiracy of mirth by a virtuoso piano accompanist Frank Plumer and our featured torch singer, Rachel Panay Raziel, if the fire marshall allows.

“If laughter is still the best medicine then Ken Rynne is a one-man Mayo Clinic!” – Mark Shields, PBS NewsHour
“Ken is a natural showman. He weaves current news into songs that have audiencs howling.” Del Ross, InterContinental Hotels
“Great Show! Potent! Pithy! Funny! And you have a better piano player than I do! ” – Mark Russell


Cash Bar During Show (Makes this election even funnier, if possible!)

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