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Lobbyists Love Ken Rynne’s “The Lobbyist”

13103527_10209653226753745_2479698038327258143_n                                                                                     Ken Rynne, Phyllis Hughes, Martha Benash at The National Press Club

At our Saturday night Press Club show, two audience members approached “recovering lobbyist” Ken to ask for the lyrics to his spoof  “The Lobbyist” (Parody of The Wanderer).  One said she was a lobbyist and wanted to sing it to her colleagues.  The other said that after hearing “The Lobbyist” she was inspired to become a one.  Now that’s a first!



Ken Rynne’s Planet Washington “ELECTORAL DYSFUNCTION 2016″ @ Press Club Sold Out!


  • Thanks again to our friends, old and new, in the “political comedy community” for the tremendous response in laughter, applause, and especially joining in the music at our National Press Club show.  Among the side-splitting hits:
  • Celebrating the new Cruz/Fiorina collaboration where Carly promises to make Ted “Popular, just not as popular as she,” (Parody of Wicked’s Popular)
  • And Breaking News: From N.C. “Pardon me pal, but are you in the right rest room?”
  • Reviewing Hilary’s record “Hillary, the once  First Lady.”  Trump’s boasts “New Yawk, New Yawk,” and “Mr Sanders” promises.
  • Writer/performer Ken Rynne, Pianist/singer Frank Plumer, and Singer/comedian Rachel Panay grabbed the Press Club audience by tyhe funnybone at 7:30 and didn’t let them go til 9:15.  Laughter and singing by all provided a welcome respite from the daily dysfunction of the election process!
  • Laughter still IS the best medicine – even under Obamacare.