National Press Club Show April 30


***Tickets Available At The Door Until 7:15 PM Date of Performance***


original inside-Washington musical political comedy spoofs                                   Exclusive Show at The Washington Press Club & You Are Invited!


“Electoral Dysfunction 2016″
If dysfunction lasts more than 4 years, call an election.

Featuring Vocalist Rachel Panay, “Recovering” Lobbyist Ken Rynne, & Pianist Frank Plumer

Frank, Ken, Rachel, & Audience Member. (4/2015)

We Entertain, Explain, & Defang Washington, the Media – and more.
With Laughter, Song, Audience Interaction,  & Truthy Inside Stories!

Former aide to Senate leadership, banker, lawyer-lobbyist, Boston Irish tenor, Ken writes lyrics that make the insanely silly behavior in DC even funnier!                               It’s a bi-partisan skewering.

“They laughed when I went into comedy.
They’re not laughing now.” – Ken

Ken is aided and abetted in this conspiracy of mirth by a virtuoso piano accompanist Frank Plumer and our featured torch singer Rachel Panay.  (If the fire marshall allows.)

Ken Rynne’s PLANET WASHINGTON has performed at Colleges and Universities, Association Meetings, Political Events, Clubs, Civic Organizations, and Private Events – wherever 2 or 3 are gathered–with cash.  We’ve received acclaim in newspapers,, television, radio, and  the social media.

“If laughter is still the best medicine then Ken Rynne is a one-man Mayo Clinic!”
– Mark Shields, PBS NewsHour

“Ken is a natural showman. He weaves current news into songs that have audiencs howling.” Del Ross, InterContinental Hotels

“Great Show! Potent! Pithy! Funny! And you have  a better piano player than I do! ” – Mark Russell, Satirist

Exclusive Engagement
The National Press Club
Yes, You Can Come, You Do NOT Have To Be A Member
529 14th St., NW, 13th Floor, Washington, DC 20045

Saturday, April 30, 7:30 pm

*** Tickets Available at the Door Until 7:15PM Date of Performance***                                 Advance Tickets $35 @ Eventbrite  Tickets:

Separate Pre-Show Dinner Option: The Fourth Estate Restaurant in The Press Club is Open to the Public (with free parking) Dinner info: 202.662.7638

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