DC Scandal, Isn’t That Redundant?

A new guide to DC Scandals lists OUR OWN WESTIN HOTEL as site of Mayor for Life Marion Barry’s debut on the FBI’s reality show America’s Got Crack!
The Hotel was then known as The Vista Hotel – Now, The Westin. The room was and is No. 727. Although as Hizzonor explained “b@tch set me up,” the charges didn’t stick. Mr. Barry is currently City Councilman from Ward 8.

[As a Bostonian I understand this. My grandparents elected Mayor Curley to Congress – while a resident of Danbury Federal Prison. “He may be a crook – but he was OUR crook” as Grampa Keough explained].

Planet Washington currently makes with the jokes and sets scandals to music monthly at The Westin, 1400 M Street, NW, DC 20005 in the 2d floor Fireplace Room.

Our next show: July 13, 7:30 pm, $20.

Catch us on July 11-12-13 on The Arch Campbell Show, Channel 8 in DC.

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