Last SHOW Before HBO? Planet Washington Live Shows Added! June 15 & July 13!

(Washington, DC) – Planet Washington announced its next monthly show at the WESTIN will be Saturday, JULY 13. Last SHOW Before HBO?

If DC sometimes seems like another planet, Planet Washington is explained in mirth and song by Ken Rynne, a “recovering” lobbyist, writer, political raconteur, singer and Frank Plumer, pianist and non-political “control group.” An Irish tenor Jon Stewart. Mark Russell on Steroids!

When News Breaks, We Fix It. Guests at recent shows enjoyed 90 minutes ‘fixing’ current and enduring affairs in Washington DC and beyond — discussing Scandals, real and imagined, Boston, CNN coverage of the same, fertilizer plants, Texas, Elvis pen pals, drones, the media, Starbucks, Republicrats, Democants, sex (clean and tastefully touched upon), rock and/or roll, lobbyists, The President, The Congress, Bo Obama, liberals, conservatives, Walmart, Metrorail, Rush Limbaugh, Kim Jung Un, DC Think Tanks and numerous entertaining ad libs and insights some of them true.

Planet Washington has entertained diverse and distinguished Washingtonians from the US Army, Daimler, Costco, and others including a PhD from US AID, a historian from Connecticut, a dynamo named Margo, a Tennis Pro, one or two consultants, a cultural blogger, a very beautiful and discerning art critic, professional baseball fans, and visitors from as far away as Pittsburgh, PA!!!

There was SNL. Then The Daily Show. Now

PLANET WASHINGTON they wrote modestly

Planet Washington is not affiliated with Home Box Office (HBO) at this time


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