Did Beyonce Lip Sync Planet Washington Parody?

Ken Rynne (& Beyonce) have done it again! Our tribute to the 44th President of these somewhat United States unveiled at our Inauguration Eve Show.
Ken sang ‘Barack in the Saddle Again’ live! Beyonce did not lip sync nor did she perform live at the New Hampshire Avenue venue. We hope this will stop the rumors and many press inquiries. We can only hope.

Barack in the Saddle Again
Parody of Gene Autrey & Ray Whitley’s Back in the Saddle Again (1939). Parody by Ken Rynne. As not sung by Beyonce

Barack in the Saddle Again
Here where your dog is your friend
Where the bottom-feeders breed
And the Westerners smoke weed (inhale!!!)
Barack in the saddle again

Ridin’ the range once more
Totin’ my old .44
(If your background check is done
And you’re over 21)
Barack in the saddle again

Eric Canter’s got to go
Back in the saddle again
Joe Biden’s here to stay (It’s a Big F@ckin Deal!)
Barack in the saddle again

Our next live pubic show: Feb 16, The Westin Hotel,
1400 M Street, NW, Washington, DC.

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