Monthly Archives: November 2012


The Battle Hymn of Black Friday: Walmart

There’s just one place that has everything under one roof – camping, firearms, fighting, line-cutting, and low low prices! It’s big enough to support an entire manufacturing economy – China’s! And it’s now or soon will be just around the corner from your local — Starbuck’s! It’s Twinkie Capitalism with a smily face! The United States of Walmart (Parody of Under the Boardwalk). Enjoy! Can we help you?


Larry Hagman – Long Before He Was J.R., Made Me Want to Be An Astronaut!

Larry Hagman passed away at 81. He truly inspired me to be an astronaut — actually, his “I Dream of Jeanie” co-star Barbara Eden may have had more to do with it. Thank you Larry Hagman for so many memorable roles!