Planet Washington’s Ken Rynne was published Feb 11 in the leading South African humour magazine (even the spelling is funny!) SAX APPEAL. ‘SA’ as in South Africa.  X as in ‘X.'(Think The Onion but with Mandela on the side).

I enjoyed meeting students from the University of Cape Town last summer one of whom invited me to contribute to her epic publication.

The story, a SAX APPEAL EXCLUSIVE, explains that Republicans in the US typically get into money scandals and Democrats get into sex scandals. A well managed scandal can change the subject (from, say, unemployment, traditionally a downer) and actually give their ratings – among other things – a boost.  If it doesn’t kill their careers totally (McGreevy, Craig) or get them their own cable tv show (Spitzer) or a run for higher office (Gingrich).

President Obama’s clean image just isn’t helping him much.  What he needs is a good olde fashioned scandal!  But as one who ran on a theme of ‘change’ and has governed as a centrist, will he pick the right scandal?  Goldman Sachs only knows!

The answer – and the story – will be recounted on the Planet Washington web site in the coming days.  Watch this space – or order a copy of your own: www.saxappeal.uct.ac.za  Hakuna matata!

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