Gingrich, Romney Campaigns Trade ‘Valentines’

Happy Valentine’s Day Taxpayers!
FROM Cam-PAIN 2012:  Of all days – Valentine’s Day - the negative campaigning has reached an all-time low.  On this sacred day when we are called to express our true affection, deep appreciation, and pure love as we gaze into our beloved’s eyes, Gingrich workers made this impossible by stealing all the mirrors from Mitt Romney’s hotel room!
Later, things escalated as Romney workers caused mass confusion at Gingrich campaign headquarters tying up the phones for hours with calls from hundreds of women identifying themselves only as ” Mrs Gingrich” ———————
Here on Planet Washington Valentines Day is very inclusive
- all are celebrated here!
we have men who love women
we have men who love men
and then we have men who love no one at all
these men we call lawyers.
Happy V Day to you all – unless you have other plans!
And Washington’s Mayflower Hotel is commemmorating the fourth anniversary of  Eliot Spitzer’s Valentine’s Eve sojourn there with a woman not his wife.  That’s right, for just $3,000,
you get to stay in Suite 827 where Eliot & ‘Kristen’ ‘slept’ for 20 minutes
you get a press release announcing your resignation from your job to spend more time with the family,
and you get a talk show on cable.  
Socks are extra.
 View our ‘tribute’ to Love Client #9 elsewhere on this site!
Ken Rynne on PBS’s 350 station network this Sunday on “Inside E Street” a co-production of MPT and AARP.  Check for listing in YOUR city, town, or hamlet.  If you are NOT listed there, isn’t this a good time to consider moving?  10 AM Channel 22 in DC.

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