TiVo-Worthy!!! Ken Rynne, Planet Washington on Emmy-nominated PBS Show, INSIDE E ST, Feb. 19!

Watch INSIDE E STREET with beautiful and talented host Lark McCarthy (left), Sunday Feb 19, 10 AM, MPT Channel 22 in DC and PBS’s 350-station network.

Ken Rynne is on PBS’s 350 station network this Sunday on “Inside E Street” a co-production of MPT and AARP.  Check for listing in YOUR city, town, or hamlet.   http://insideestreet.sgewebdev.com/  If you are NOT listed there, isn’t this a good time to consider moving?  10 AM Channel 22 in DC.

PBS’s Jay Lamonica recently  interviewed Ken Rynne at The Monocle Restaurant on Capitol Hill – about Ken’s ‘second career’ as a political humorist – and lessons learned from starting one’s own business.

Ken’s career evolution from lawyer, Hill staffer, lobbyist, banker to humorist (his “rags from riches” story) was recounted in the 2010 best selling ‘What’s Next? Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job’ by  Kerry Hannon, Business Editor, US News & World Report (Chronicle Books 2010).

Inside E Street takes a non-partisan, civil look into issues critical to Americans, especially those north of 50. It’s your inside resource on financial and health issues.

Metro DC WATCH: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 10 A.M.,MPT Channel 22

Check local PBS listings

An AARP/MPT production.

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