End is Near For Libyan Tyrant As Anti-Quaddafi, Anti-Kaddafi, Anti-Gaddafi Forces Unite!

Muammar Gaddafi is nowhere to be seen, but his era is over

Libyan rebels arrest three of his sons but dictator has ‘no means of leaving Tripoli’, says former prime minister.  It was clear that the end was near for the tyrant who has ruled this North African nation for 42 years once several rebel groups in the anti-Gaddafi movement, the popular anti-Kaddafi liberation front, and the  break away anti-Quadaffi Tea militia realized their common enemy and joined forces with the support of France, the United States, and the International Coalition of the Embarrassed.

Winner of ‘So You Think You Can Parody A Dictator’ Contest sposored by Graffiti & Caricature Artists Against Gad-Daffy expresses popular outrage in an homage to Exit Through The Gift Shop.

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