'Super' Congress: Coming To Town

(Washington, DC) — Historic Debt Ceiling Agreement Makes $1 Trillion in Defense & Domestic Cuts, Creates ‘Super Congress’ (6 D’s 6 R’s) to Propose Trillions More  by THANKSGIVING, & Vote By CHRISTMAS.  Deal Bravely Preserves Tax Cuts, Avoids Wasteful Give-Aways to Unemployed, etc.

‘Super’ Congress: Coming to Town! “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” Parody By Ken Rynne ©2011 Brighton Productions

You better watch out,/ get ready to cry,/  You’ll probably shout, I’m telling you why:/ ‘Super’ Congress: Coming To Town.

They’re making a list/ and checking it twice,/ Gonna forget who’s naughty and nice,/ ‘Super’ Congress: Coming To Town.

You better not be sleepin,’/ You better stay awake,/ Cause spending will be cut real deep,/ During midnight give and take.

So, you better watch out,/ get ready to cry,/ You’ll probably shout,/ I’m telling you why: /‘Super’ Congress: Coming To Town.

(And tell Rudolph: Reindeer Games Cancelled –  for lack of funding.)

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