Palin Bombshell: Paul Revere a British Spy!

(Boston)  Former half-term Gov. Sarah Palin visited tourist sights in Boston on her non-campaign magical mystery gas-guzzling tour.  No stranger to controversy (or mangled syntax – the one tax she apparently favors),  the self-described journalist answred one press inquiry about Paul Revere’s ride explaining that Revere’s mission was to “warn the British not to take away our guns.”  Later she claimed that she was responding to a “gotcha question” and she clarified that ‘part of’ Revere’s ride known by most but apparently not all to warn that  – what was that catchy phrase? – “the British are coming”  ride was to actually warn the British.

When news breaks. we fix it

(With apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

Paul Revere’s Ride  By WikiPalin

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere ,
One if by land, and two if for tea
Ready to ride and spread the alarm
And warn the British that we have 2d Amendment remedies.But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to the lame stream media a gotcha question!”


“Good Grief “-Charlie Brown

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