Tweet This! Yes sir, that’s my weiner!

News: A Congressman is accused of tweeting a lewd photo. He claims his Twitter account has been hacked into. He has not said the photo is not him. Whatever the truth, Planet Washington offers this sound advice:

When news breaks, We Fix It

Love Letters & Sweet Nothings 2.0
(“Oscar Meyer Song” Parody)

If you ever send a picture of your ‘weiner’
To that special Tweet-heart for to see
You prob’ly should not send it when you Tweet her

Cause everyone your weiner might then see
oh everyone your weiner will then see
And a ‘weiner’ is what you turn out to be.

Hold the Mayo! – Andrew Breitheartless

Tweet This! Fact: House Budget Chair Cong Paul Ryan worked one sumemer for Oscar Meyer and got to drive the Weinermobile. True Fact.

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