Sarah Palin Bus Tour Reportedly Heading Here, There

Sarah Palin Bus Tour Reportedly Heading To Iowa, New Hampshire, Here, There

News Break: Sarah Palin will take her nationwide bus tour to Iowa in June, according to Real Clear Politics — one more sign that the former Alaska governor intends to run for president in 2012.

“The road trip was designed as a test run to find out whether she can execute a decidedly unconventional campaign game plan.” Palin has kept the details of the bus tour under wraps, leading reporters AND SUPPORTERS on a bit of a wild goose chase.

She started Day 2 of her tour Monday at the National Archives in Washington, DC, then traveled to Mount Vernon. Meanwhile, Palin supporters, reacting to reports apparently gathered Monday afternoon at Gettysburg, in the hopes that she was on her way, only to be disappointed. “This isn’t a campaign bus,” she told reporters.

When news breaks, We fix it!

A One Nation Tour
(‘Gilligan’s Island Theme’ Parody)
when news breaks, we fix it

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,/a tale of an odd bus trip.
/That started in Wasilla, /on a gas-guzzling ten-wheel ship.

The mate was a faithful spouse named Todd,
/the skipper rogue and sure.
/              The Palin clan set off that day,/for a One Nation Tour. /A One Nation Tour.

For the “Lame Stream Media,” it was rough,/
the Palin trip seemed tossed.
/If not for their courage and the GPS,/ the Palins would be lost. /The Palins would be lost.

The Palins visited tourist sites,/ burned up lots of gas/ But did not tell the media,
made them get up off their – chairs. /Made them get up off their – chairs.

The Palins saw the Archives,/ ‘National Treasures’ in DC,
Starring Nicolas Cage,/ Mount Vernon Too,
George Washington, /and his wife,
The Liberty Bell/ and Donald Trump,
All on Sarah’s One Nation Tour.

[Later, that same election cycle, after a confusing and expensive tour of photo ops, dodging the media, slowing traffic during the summer driving season, and meeting literally dozens of people who are NOT Alaskan…]

So this is the tale of the Palins’ tour,
they’re here for a long, long time. (Oy!)
From Iowa to New Hampshire,
it’s an uphill climb.

The first mate and his skipper too,
will do their very best,
to make it ‘unconventional’,
Quotes Sarah, “WTF”
[quotes Sarah, “WTF”]

No phones, no lights, no schedules,
no latte’s DO I SEE.
Like Sarah Palin’s Alaska,
As primitive as can be

So join us on Discovery,
A new series is in store
‘Tourist Traps in The Lower 48’
From Sarah Palin’s One Nation Tour.

Best Photo Op since the Dukakis tank/ Sarah Palin’s Odd Bus Tour!

when news breaks, we fix it

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