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DATE of the Union 2011

(We’ll Sit Together) “To Listen To Barack”

Parody of THE SHANGRI-LAS “The Leader Of The Pack”

To send the folks back home the message that we can all get along, members are breaking with tradition of sitting at the state of the union as if the other side has cooties. There has been a mad scramble among lawmakers for seat partners.

Chuck Schumer has paired up with Tom Coburn. A political Felix Unger and Oscar Madison.
Craigslist: “Cap-and-trade Democrat seeks pro-life Republican for one-nighter,”

Mary from Louisiana asked Olympia from Maine because they are BFFs “I asked one of my best girlfriends to be my date for the night,” said Mary Landrieu. Craigslist: “Tea Party budget hawk in search of immigration dove for possible friendship.”

OUR FAVE: Kirsten from New York went the Sadie Hawkins route. Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat of New York, paired up with John Thune, Republican of South Dakota, generally considered two of the more well-coiffed and attractive members of the Senate. Which sounds like a 50’s song…

[Spoken:] Is she really gonna sit with him? Well, there she is. Let’s ask her.Kirsten, is that John’s ring you’re wearing?Mm-hmm Gee, it must be great sitting with him. Is he picking you up after the close of business Tuesday? Uh-uh By the way, where’d you meet him?

I met him at the Senate Hair Care,
He yielded me 2 minutes of his mirror time there. Now,
We’ll sit together (to listen to Barack)

Mitch McConnell’s always putting him down (down, down)
They say he came from some foreign town
They say his health care’s socialistic,
And even though Rush will go ballistic,
We’ll sit together (to listen to Barack)

Rumors say he’ll sit with some other guy
To quote Joe Wilson, I say: “YOU LIE.”
If Coburn can sit with Shumer,
Full speed ahead, damn the rumor,
We’ll sit together (to listen to Barack)

Some members didn’t ask until late
Colorado’s delegation chose a group date
Kirk & Durbin, and Casey & Toomey
Will go to dinner – then maybe a movie
First, They’ll sit together (to listen to Barack)

Nonpartisan seating is a good start
But it puts the horse behind the cart
It’s a nice start to what is ailin’
But where they sittin for the response by Palin?
After sitting together (to listen to Barack)

The ways of the Hill are tribal
At the risk of some ‘blood libel’
Where are they standing after list’ning to Barack?