Hexagon Foundation, Planet Washington's Ken Rynne To Roast Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC)

The Friends of Hexagon Foundation’s Darrell Capwell announces that Planet Washington’s Ken Rynne will join in The Foundation’s “Roast & Toast” of DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton on October 22, 2010 at the US Navy Memorial in DC.

For the occasion, Ken will reprise his role as “Bud Noir, Member of Congress,” Washington, DC’s answer to Garrison Keillor & Minnesota Public Radio’s Guy Noir, Private Eye. In the past, “Bud” has sparred on stage with New York Times Columnist “Maureen Dowd” and former Governor “Sarah Palin.”

We look forward to Ken’s “tribute” to DC’s legendary delegate, Ms. Norton, a staunch Hexagon supporter, a frequent “Newsbreak” guest, who is painfully shy so Ken will ask her to open up for once to see if she has an opinion about the issue of “DC Statehood.”

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