College Tour: Georgetown – We Put the Ho! Ho! in Hoyas!

Over 100 Georgetown alumni and students gathered for a hilarious night of stand-up comedy at the legendary Improv Comedy Club. Sponsored by The Georgetown Media & Arts Alliance, GEMA LAUGHS featured a variety of styles and humor were on display during the University’s annual John Carroll alumni weekend with such comics as Paul Mecurio (GU Law Alumnus), Ken Rynne (C’78 L’83) David Benedetto (F ’13), Jeff Maurer (C ’02), and emcee George Peacock (C ’84).

Planet Washington’s offered a sampler of some wicked funny musical takes on life in DC and America (and never the twain shall meet) including “It’s Planet Washington, show biz for ugly people!” (Parody of “Hooray for Hollywood”), an homage to the nearby Mayflower Hotel and an infamous guest Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D-Libido), “Love Client #9,”  and a tribute to everybody’s favorite lil latte shop and prospective employer,”then I saw Starbucks, now I’m a Barista” (“I’m a Believer.”)

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