The Peasants ARE Revolting

Foot In Mouth – Part Deux

And just as one “ker-fuffle” was dying down after BP’s chief Executive Officer – in a rather aristocratic British accent (like Geico’s Gekko actually, “save money?”) said he “wanted to get his life back.”  Just as that was dying down, did you hear what happened yesterday?

 Yesterday, his boss, BP’s Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg – apparently a Norwegian who sounds curiously like Major (“Papers Please!!!) Strasser from Casablanca – trying to assure Gulf residents said that even though BP’s corporatuon is bigger than yours! – that BP “cares about —–[wait for it] SMALL PEOPLE.”   Ouch! 

Late last night Herr Svanberg issued an explanation from his limo as he arrived at his suite high atop at the Helmsley Palace! (where only little people pay taxes) Lighten up!  Have a herring…packed in oil. Oh sheist! not again!!!

Finally, BP has announced it will distribute $20 Billion to SMALL PEOPLE. 

In a related item, there has been another incident at City Hall as PLANET WASHINGTON’S Ken Rynne and accompanist Frank Plumer  tried  to legally change their corporate name to “The Lollipop Guild”  (music)  

[Paul Williams too dated.  Gary Coleman too soon.]

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