WEBR Radio Interview Link: Laugh with Red Zone Politics 5/5/10

NOW POSTED to www.redzonepolitics.comLAUGH with RZP!

May 5, 2010: Your most entertaining show yet, with comedian, politico, “recovering” lawyer



(In advance of his live show at McGinty’s Public House in Arlington, VA!)


News Topix:

  • Underdog Canadiens advance over Caps in Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • Boxing, national and local
  • Men, women and campus violence: What Americans need to think about in aftermath of UVA lacrosse player’s death
  • SPILL, BABY, SPILL: BP Inferno!
  • Immigration Politics: Shared responsibility?
  • Let’s hear it for the MESSENGER: T-shirt selling Vietnam Vet alerts NYC police to Times Square truck-bomb in embryo

Feel free to send comments to info@redzonepolitics.com. I will try to address some of your feedback on next week’s show. *If you are interested in being a guest, let me know via email. Or invite others you think would be a good fit for the show to contact me!

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