WEBR Radio Interview: Red Zone Politics, Who's Your Daddy? 5/26/10

The LAST RZP radio show for the summer is now posted at www.redzonepolitics.com.
He’s Baaack! That’s former politico turned political comedian, fountain of knowledge and irreverence himself: KEN RYNNE of Planet Washington!
In our May 26 segment, host A.F. Cook and Rynne ponder the following burning issues du jour:
- Which former sports/political figure was “one fry short of a Happy Meal?”
- Who is Sarah Palin counseling to “go rogue” now?
- How many questions can YOU answer on the Arizona Immigration Quiz?
- Who is BIG OIL’s Daddy?
- Where will Super Bowl 2014 be held and why does it matter if you’re – for example – a Carolina Panther?
- What is Venus wearing now, and why is she wearing it in FRANCE?
STAY TUNED FOR the Red Zone Politics Cable TV Special (four segments) coming Summer and Fall 2010: Airing TBA by Fairfax Public Access Cable! Our first big topic with PLANET WASHINGTON’S Ken Rynne: : How to spot political rhetoric and know what the agenda is behind it!

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